Chief Game Changer
David D. Hadden, CEO/Founder


16 years ago I met a man that changed my life. I was running a small A.I. company in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, looking for an interesting problem that I could leverage our A.I. to solve. The man was the late Dr. David Barry, the CEO of Triangle Pharmaceuticals, and the Father of AZT, the first approved HIV medication. He wanted to use our A.I to build a clinical decision support system for one of the first global enrollments of sites and patients in Africa. The system was successful, but I realized through this process that what was really needed was a better way to prepare investigators and site staff to follow the protocol properly to begin with.

This started a 14 year journey to bring simulation to the Web. Since that time, my partner, JoAnne and I, have trained hundreds of thousands of physicians and patients with ProDoctor and ProPatient.

With ProCT, we have extended that capability to investigators, site staff, CRAs and study participants, it’s the best application of simulation yet and it’s about time. For an industry that is focused on innovation, it’s surprising that we are satisfied with using 20 year old eLearning technology, or meetings and binders, to train personnel to run hundred million dollar studies. So, why has simulation, the best human performance management tech available, yet to be adopted industry wide? It is because simulation has historically been slow to develop and very expensive. Just ask surgeons, airline pilots and military leaders. With ProFiciency we have made this technology fast to develop & less expensive than meetings. It’s an industry game changer and we’re excited to help our sponsors, supporters, client and partners ‘move the needle’ in new and meaningful ways.

JoAnne Schaberick, CEO/ Founder


One company, two CEOs?? How can that work?? Well, 20 years ago while working at Sun Microsystems, David was running ProCourse Analytics at the time and came in to pitch my team on ROI analysis for large training interventions. I was fairly new to Sun, had just completely my graduate thesis and kind of thought I was the ‘bee’s knees’. So, in an effort to impress the execs in the room, I started lobbing some pretty intense questions at this poor guy. And then….he hit every single question out of the park. Not sure if I impressed the exec team but he certainly impressed me. So, there it was, the business ying to my yang. I knew there would be collaboration in our future but never could have imagined where we’d find ourselves, all this time later…..

Today, 3 start ups and too many years to mention behind me, and I have the privilege of building a company around a premise and set of products that I passionately believe in. We are changing the way the Health industry thinks of Human Performance Management. Using the coolest simulations and the smartest analytics, we’re changing the way health care providers interact with their patients, changing the way patients empower themselves, changing the way trial sites more accurately adhere to protocols and changing the way study teams predict and remediate errors. We’re doing all of this while surrounded by the the most brilliant, creative and fun team I could imagine. Dream Big, Have fun and Get S**t Done ~ our motto

Laura Muttini, RPh, MBA


Laura keeps Pro-Ficiency, on track, on time and on target. As both a Pharmacist and a 16-year tenured medical and patient education executive at Abbott and AbbVie, Laura brings the best of the clinical and the business worlds together with an unparalleled ability to keep Pro-Ficiency constantly improving and achieving. Having served in a variety of roles, including business development, client relations, operations, project management, business strategy, and patient engagement, Laura has ultimately come to oversee all of the critical aspects of Pro-Ficiency operations.

Christopher Acciavatti


Utilizing his extensive background in health and technology, Chris offers a uniquely critical and creative eye for advanced problem solving. Chris brings absolute precision and focus to the engineering and development of Pro-Ficiency’s simulations and the resulting analytics. Chris’ extensive experience and dedication to advancements in the field of simulation has resulted in more meaningful, concise and engaging experiences for all of our users and stakeholders.

Bethany Hudnutt


With almost a decade of experience developing and implementing e-learning simulations in mathematics and science, Bethany’s passion for delivering on-time, on-target, quality programs is essential to the positive partner experience with Pro-Ficiency. Driven by her passion for leveraging technology to facilitate learning, she skillfully expedites the production of complex visits, ensuring high-quality, detail-oriented, and user-friendly simulations for even the most complex programs.

Dan Khan


With more than a decade of client services experience, Dan’s role within the company naturally extends from his drive to deliver clients a stunningly smooth user experience, and extends through his chameleon-like ability to do what’s needed in any situation. Engineer of the flawless skeletons underlying Pro-ficiency’s simulations, his integral work permeates every facet of the user interface and infuses it with efficacy and ease of use.

Maxwell Kirn, MSW, LCSW


With his esteemed training from UNC and practice as a LCSW, Max specializes in working with adults and teens with severe and persistent mental illness, with a secondary focus on youth and family trauma. Having worked directly with patients, families and caregivers for over 8 years in therapeutic practice, Max ensures Pro-Ficiency simulations are realistic and closely mirror patients seen at the point of care and/or at the clinical study site.

Christine Cooper


As an event director and organizer since 2014, Christine brings to the Pro-ficiency team her aptitude for streamlining solutions for logistical organization, facilitating process development and productivity amplification within the company. Her contributions span beyond her position as bookkeeper and shoot manager, as she utilizes her background to ensure the timely launch of Pro-ficiency’s excellent products.