David D. Hadden, Chief Game Changer


ProPatient is our greatest idea yet. We live in what I call the Gutenberg era of patient education where pamphlets are the state of the art. The games we put in front of our children are a thousand times more sophisticated than the materials we hand a patient to prepare them to deal with what could be the greatest challenge of their lives. I was talking to a friend who runs a large neurology practice and he told me that when people come in for treatment after a stroke, all they have to offer them once they are discharged is reading materials, despite the fact that they may not even be capable of reading at that point!

It's just not easy being a patient. It's not something we are taught how to do, and yet nearly all of us will be a patient one day. A little knowledge and a few basic skills could dramatically improve your outcomes from that experience. Medical error is still the number 6 cause of death in the US a recent Harvard study showed that you have a 20% chance of being harmed if you checked into one of several hospitals they studied. My goal at ProPatient is to give patients the skills, knowledge and tools to reverse that tide. As the patient, you are in charge, you are the customer, you are the CEO of your own health. Everyone around you is there to help you but you have to make sure that they do their job right and you have to help them also.

JoAnne Schaberick, Chief Awesomeness Officer


No, that's not a personal descriptor (I mean, I'd have to have a pretty big ego to pull that off!) The awesomeness refers to the experience I strive to provide for every patient, supporter, client and partner who allows us the privilege to serve.

To me that me that awesomeness quality means useful tools, responsiveness, excellence and fun. I truly believe fun is not something we can only have "after hours". Shortly after deciding to have some fun with our titles, I had a "moment" … realizing that I had really set the bar high for myself and for ProPatient. My greatest fear is to hear "well, that was just not awesome". So, I strive every day to meet or exceed that expectation.

Having spent more years in professional Medical Education than I care to recount, I always had a nagging feeling that we were somehow "missing the boat" The days of paternalistic medicine are behind us, yet most of our educational resources support that antiquated idea. We are striving every day to empower patients so that they (you) are active, educated and informed participants in health decisions.

Start-ups are not easy, there are momentous hills and valleys everyday but my partner in crime and I get through those moments quickly. Mostly because we know what we do has a purpose. Having lost my father to pancreatic cancer many years ago, I remember meeting with his doctors and feeling overwhelmed, uniformed, and practically crushed by the magnitude of what stood before my family and me. I sure would love to have had a tool like ours to coach me through advocating on his behalf. If we serve one patient, one caregiver, one family member in that way, we've won. If we serve thousands, we all win.

Kasey Mohsen, Mission Control


My passion is doing good and my talents include managing processes and teams and leveraging data to make things better. I help socially conscious businesses become more efficient, while using data to continuously improve. When I'm not being a nerd, you can find me trekking somewhere in the Columbia River Gorge, volunteering in a developing community, or jamming on a guitar or piano.

Laura Muttini, Chief Patient Transformation Officer


I am a Pharmacist by training and worked 10 years in outpatient hospital and long term care settings. I also have an MBA in marketing. I worked 16 years in the Pharma company arena doing clinical support, clinical marketing, medical and patient education. I founded Educational Health Strategies in 2013 and have helped clients focus on strategic as well as patient initiatives. I personally believe educating and engaging patients should be the guiding principle of ANY practicing HCP, so am delighted to be working with ProPatient.

Chris Acciavatti, Ghost in the Machine


My expertise is in SEO, inbound marketing, client services and mobile app deployment . I have an eclectic background that includes work as a certified Emergency Medical Technician and undergraduate work in fine art. My EMT work brought me face to face with the consequences of ignoring your health dozens of times a day. I combine my extensive web experience and years in creative art and live performance art to focus on social media management, search engine optimization, and enriching the user experience at ProPatient.